We will not share, sell or rent any information we hold about you. Your data is precious, you gave it to us for a particular purpose and we treat it with respect and care.

Who we are

The Hatcham Association is a membership organisation for the past pupils and staff of Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Girls’ School and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College.  We also welcome past pupils and staff from Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham Boys’ School Hatcham as members.

We send an annual magazine of news about the Association’s members and hold two meetings a year. One is the AGM and annual dinner held in March and the other a summer meeting held in mid July.  Members also receive notification of the dates of the events (Fixture card), the committee members and minutes of the AGM.

Within the Association there are the Hatcham 500 Club which is used to generate funds for the Association; the Connolly Memorial and Hatcham Helping Fund which is used to send flowers to members for their 90thand subsequent birthdays, special occasions or illness, or for interest free loans for further study or emergency financial assistance.

Why do we collect data?

We collect data to enable us to send the magazine and other information to members.

Members complete an application form when they first join and then they keep us up to date with changes to their address or name.

Members also send us their news, which we print in the magazine.

We also hold the details of the Hatcham 500 club members as a subset of our membership data.

What do we collect?

From our website we only collect the information you submit when you complete the membership form or email us directly. 

We receive information from cookies – these cookies don’t tell us who you are; and of course you can always switch cookies off.

We also have the facility to collect cookie information from Google Analytics which tells us about the pages you visit on the website etc. but frankly we don’t look at these.

The sort of personal information we collect is:

  • Name
  • Previous family name
  • Contact information such as postal address, email address and telephone number
  • Dates attended the school
  • Date of birth
  • Member of the Hatcham500 Club

How long will the information be kept?

Quite simply as long as it is needed and for as long as it is up to date. 

If emails bounce back to us because you changed your email address we will delete your email address from our system.  But if you tell us that your email address has changed we’ll overwrite it with the new one.

If any mail is returned to us as ‘gone away’ we will delete you from our system. If you send us a change in your name and or address, we will update it.

How is your data stored?

We have a simple database that is accessed by a few members of the committee and a separate schedule of the Hatcham500 Club members.

There are also the original paper membership application forms.

We safely destroy the magazine news within 24 months of publication.  

We take great care of your data and all databases and schedules are password protected and updated on a regular basis.

And if you don’t want to hear from us?

Please email the Secretary Janet Gearing at hatcham.secretary@hotmail.co.uk

Or write to The Hatcham Association, c/o Yvette Lamidey, 29 Oxford Street, Wolverton, MK12 5HP.

And if you think that the data we hold is out of date please email us straight away and we’ll correct it.

If you want to know what data we hold about you it is your right to ask for this and we’ll provide the information to you.

Transferring your data outside of Europe

It is possible that our data is held on servers that are outside Europe, especially where cloud services and SAAS are used because our web and/or email hosting company might from time to time use servers that are not in Europe. Whilst these countries may not be covered by GDPR the organisations usually sign up to an equivalent code or are covered by other data protection legislation. 

If you submit personal data to us you are agreeing that this data can be transferred out of the UK for storage or processing and we will always take steps to ensure your data is still protected and that security measures are in place.

Updating the policy

This policy will be updated as we learn of relevant changes from the Information Commissioners Office or if we have made a mistake. 

By using our website, you are agreeing to be bound by this policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please email, yvette@yvettelamidey.com

Thank you for reading this privacy policy.

Revised March 2019